About Us

When I was younger a school charity program changed my life forever. It had a ripple effect which started me on my charity journey and now I’m making waves, living by the motto “the good you do comes back to you”. I am the fortunate and lucky one, now I want to give everyone in the community the same chance at having that great quality of life.

I want this process to repeat through other people so they can make waves too. I want to raise 1 million dollars through the delivery of several programs aimed at causes of need within the community

Focusing on each project for each different cause, I want Ripple Movement to have people volunteering their time, to learn about the causes while raising funds and awareness for that cause within their community.

Meet the Team

Blake McGee


Blake McGee the founder of Ripple Movement has been working on charity projects for over 13 years and working in the community services industry for 9 years. Blake has raised around $50’000 dollars for Australian charities over this time but wants to contribute to the local community more specifically which is where the inspiration for Ripple Movement started. Blake is continuously developing his skills and education while studying a Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Community Welfare and Human Services to build Ripple Movement up and assist the disadvantaged members of the community as best it can.

Blake Zibara


Blake Zibara has always loved helping people in need. From taking on exchange students when younger, raising money for different charities to now helping support communities using his family business he’s had a past in giving to others and is looking to further that through Ripple Movement. Blake has owned businesses in the past and has obtained business knowledge through these experiences as well as being involved in the family business from a young age. This business experience has led to Blake has been involved with business owners and influential members of the community that he can bring on board to assist Ripple Movement now and in the future.

Hannah McGee


Hannah McGee is a director of Ripple Movement. Hannah has completed a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Development Studies and Culture Change. Her passion for charity and humanitarian work has grown over the past few years. Hannah has experienced an internship with the international organisationPerus Challenge, an organisation helping eradicate poverty by developing sustainable schools and communities in impoverished mountain villages surrounding Cusco, Peru. Hannah taught English, helped construct a classroom and record health data on the children within the community. Hannah was inspired by her experience and is interested in further assisting her local community with Ripple Movement.

Josh Wiggins


Josh has always had a passion for giving back to those in need. With experience hosting charity fitness boot camps through his own businessand working with the Central Coast Disability Network and Youth Connections as a disability support worker, Josh’s passion is only growing stronger and he is looking forward to each and every opportunity to work with Ripple Movement and the community as a whole. Josh is a father of one and is studying Secondary Teaching Full-Time at Newcastle University.

Jason May


Jason is a proud Aboriginal man from the Wiradjuri Nation of Wellington in Central New South Wales. Jason has studied a Bachelor of Natural Science and is employed as an Aboriginal Environmental Health Officer with NSW Health. Jason has worked with Indigenous and Non-Indigenous communities through NSW on a range of health initiatives.

Mark Holding


After completing both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the field of education – Mark has worked across the Primary and Secondary school sectors for the last five years. He has supported many social justice initiatives throughout his various roles and is excited to extend this involvement into the Ripple Movement.

Rachael Coombs


Rachael has a passion for helping children and young people which stems from supporting and advocating for her beautiful brother who lives with Down Syndrome. She has 5 years experience working in the community services sector, having worked with young children in foster care for 2 years she now works closely with homeless youth.